Registration and Online platform

Online platform

The Whova platform is used for the conference.

On it, you will find an agenda, gathering all the sessions and sub-sessions. In each session, you can find a streaming link and/or a video link (the link to switch between the two is just over the top right of the video). In each session (and sub-session) there is a Q&A section and a chat section. You have also access to a messaging tool with the other attendees.

Online organization

The 20 min pre-recorded videos of each of the papers will be available one week before the conference (the 31st of August) in their corresponding sub-session. You can already ask questions in the Q&A section (accessible either through the corresponding sub-session or through the Session Q&A resource).

During a session at the conference, the teasers (3 first minutes of the 20 min video) will be streamed. Following, some questions, selected by the session chair among the questions available in the Q&A section will be answered live. This process is done for each paper of the session. Then, 30 min will be allowed for a "poster" session. Each author will be invited to go in their own zoom meeting (available in the corresponding sub-session). These sub-sessions will be a space to discuss live the paper and some more detailed questions. After their sessions, the authors are invited to answers by writing to the Q&A section of their paper.

About the Registration Procedure

Registration is FREE. To access the CP2020 Whova event, you need to "buy" a free ticket at:

Accessing the Whova platform

If you already used Whova for another conference, then you should already be registered on the platform. Otherwise, you would need to register (using the email you provided in the ticket).

You can access the CP2020 Whova event at the following web link:

Whova is also available on iOS and Android. You need to download the app and then look for the CP2020 event.

Tips on how to use the Whova platform

Zoom native application: Links of each Zoom meetings are provided in the description of the session if you prefer to use the Zoom native application.

Zoom tile view: The tile view is not available on the web Zoom. You need to use the Zoom native application if you want it.

Chat: There are two chats available on each session, the Zoom one and the Whova one. Please use only the Whova one as the Zoom disappear when the meeting is over.

Multistream: On some browsers, you end up disconnected from the stream if you go out of a session. If you want to browse the other sessions while looking at a stream, you can open the app in two tabs simultaneously.


If you have questions/remarks please contact Hélène Verhaeghe .